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Confused about Florida Probate Law?

We can answer your legal questions and give you a real plan.

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1. It’s free.

2. We can answer your question: Is probate absolutely necessary?

3. We have helped over 500 clients effectively and efficiently handle their cases.

Did you know? Letters of administration are not always required!

Our Services

LD Legal, LLC is a law firm devoted to probate and estate administration matters throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Probate Law often can be a confusing and cumbersome – sprinkled with tricky details invisible to the untrained eye. Even the “simplest” of probates can become complicated if executed poorly. Without proper knowledge or guidance, you can get swindled out of time and money, but we want to help you avoid all of that.

We realize that there is an overwhelming amount of information online about how to probate in Florida, but none of it is as valuable as a chat with an actual Florida probate attorney. We have posted some resources on our blog to help you get started, but more than anything, we would love to speak with you directly to discuss your case.

We offer a free 20-minute phone consultation with one of our attorneys so that you can better understand your options. Fill out the contact form on the right to get in touch with us today!

What is Probate?

Here is a brief explanation of how this type of law works in the state of Florida.

  • Probate administration is a court process that occurs after someone dies to distribute the individual’s assets.
  • The assets (Real Estate or Personal Property) are collected, creditors are paid and beneficiaries receive whatever remains of assets of the deceased.
  • There are two kinds of probate: Summary & Formal Administration
  • Even if the deceased individual has a Will, there may still be a need to probate (A Will does not avoid probate.)
  • In Florida, “Personal Representatives” are in charge of probating the estate and must have attorney representation. These attorneys handle nearly all of the work associated with probating the estate.
  • Most cases are filed electronically with telephone hearings, so neither you nor your attorney have to be present in the county handling the case

How We Work

  • At LD Legal, LLC, probate law is “our thing” – Our practice is almost 100% focused on probate matters!
  • We file probate cases STATEWIDE for clients are NATIONWIDE. In other words, if your case is in Florida, we can take care of it no matter where you are located.
  • We handle almost every aspect. NONE of our clients have ever had to set foot in Florida.
  • In our office, all pleadings are personally prepared by one of our experienced attorneys (not a paralegal)
  • We LOVE technology and embrace the use of phones, fax, email and the internet to streamline our probate cases. We strive for open communication and efficient service.
  • Your “no strings, no pressure,” absolutely free consultation is with a Florida Probate attorney, not a paralegal.
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