Statewide Florida Probate Representation

We truly handle probate matters in virtually every city and county in Florida. In most cases, a Florida probate matter can be handled largely through correspondence and telephonic hearings.

You are NOT limited to finding a probate attorney who is local to the city or county where your probate administration will occur.

Still, if we believe you will be better served by a local attorney, we’ll do our best to refer you to a Florida probate attorney who can assist you. In virtually all uncontested probate matters, it is unnecessary to find local counsel and there is no true benefit or advantage either.

Let us answer your legal questions and give you a real plan.

3 Reasons to send us an email

1. It’s free.
2. We can answer your question: Is probate absolutely necessary?
3. We have helped over 500 clients effectively and efficiently handle their cases.

Did you know? “Letters of Administration” are not always required!

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We file uncontested Florida probate cases in the following counties: